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The Firm has adopted best technology for customised clients needs which can satisfy the requirements of the customers. The firm will go ahead with its USP to provide better creativity and innovation through customers feedback and market Trend:-

Bulk Express

This gives customer opportunity to outsource the services of courier where we are instrumental in doing all process that needs specialization in handling as well as packing, folding, pasting etc bulk mails. This includes mobile bills, credit card bills, dividend warrants, annual reports, AGM reports, product promotional literature, greetings, bank statements, demat statements and others. We provide the fastest and most reliable bulk express delivery service by working with a proven set of quality values.

  • The firm pick up the Annual Reports and its CD of Investors from the Printing Press of respective Company, print the Labels for the Labels and Affix it to the reports as per clients Instructions.
  • The Firm can Despatch around 4-5 Lacs Documents with in Mumbai in the short time span of 3-4 days.
  • The Firm can also despatch around 10 Lacs Documents outside Mumbai and within the rest of India in the time span of 4-5 days.
  • The Firm do provide the delivery report in Excel Sheets to its customers and it also provide the scan copy of that POD having dispute if there is any issue on delivery of less than one year old.
  • The Firm do send the list in Excel Sheet of those Annual Reports which are returned undelivered due to any reason.
  • The executive of the Firm also attend the Annual General Meeting of the respective company to understand the needs of the shareholders from company in respect to delivery of the Annual Reports.
  • The Firm also assist the Management in solving the issues related to delivery of reports in Annual General Meetings of the Company.
  • The General Practice of the Firm is to approach the destination three times before putting the status of Door Closed in our records.

We are here to serve you, rely on us for:
  • Extensive support
  • Outstanding delivery speed
  • Local knowledge
  • Local look & feel
  • End-to-end handling
  • Full visibility from single webtracking portal

The Best is what you deserve, get it from us:

SHREE PROGRESSIVE COURIER SERVICES has adopted best technology for customised client's needs which can satisfy the requirements of the customers.

  • Fast remittance
  • Trust factor
  • Quality Human Resource
  • Easier and faster services