Delivery Services



With most banks having their operations centralized and the regulator defining the benchmarks for bank account statements, the statement delivery requirements in India are very unique and typical.


The firm was the first Insurance service provider and probably the only one in the country today to offer the entire gamut of back office operations right from printing of Notice ,application forms to printing, to dispatch management including courier services and record management.

Asset Management:

With the volatile movements of equity markets in the last 2 decades, the average investor has a safe option in investing with mutual fund companies. The regulatory frameworks have also evolved to facilitate ease of use and flexibility in equity investments through the Asset management company.


We also work with communications companies.internet bills,mobile bill statements,promotions documents etc. direct dispatch to Customers in one envelope.

Education Sector:

The Firm work with leading institutions, management school etc. in the country that have initiated a visible change in the way education is imparted in the country through personal touch enabling children to learn with understanding.

Retail Sector:

Membership welcome kits,Promotional coupons which can be customized based on analytical data inputs provided by the customer,gift vouchers,Food coupons,Catalogues.Etc


The firm work with India’s Top Business publications paper, marketing documents, Magazines, corporate gifts articals dispatch in all india.


The firm work with dispatch all pharmaceuticals companies news letter, lunching new products letter, confermation letter etc.